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The DLT-20A blaster rifle is listed as optional weaponry for stormtroopers. The only figure (other than IG-88) I remember including one was the Scout Trooper from the Battlefront game

Jesse James:
I know in the EU they list it but found it odd they've never included it with a stormtrooper before...  always the MG-34 if anything it seemed.  The IG-88 gun somehow got mixed in there though along the way, but nobody ever has one that I've ever seen outside Battlefront, in any EU.  Someone somewhere probably does, there's so much, but it doesn't come up often.  It's a cool extra IMO, just seemed a little odd when they could've gone with one of the Sandie's guns more people recognize.

I threw a couple of those to my troopers (Rebel and Imperial) on my shelves.  I sort of give it to Imperial Army troopers or Naval troopers more though, like it's not quite as nice so it gets handed out to the other groups more.  :-\

I didn't care for it as a "sniper rifle" like it was promoted as.  Seemed awkward for that.  I made one from the MG-34 Sandie rifle most Hasbro figures came with, and a Marauder Inc. scope...  Looked pretty slick.  Gave it to the half-assed camo VTSC Scouts Hasbro did as 41st Elite Clones...  I turned them into Imp. Pathfinders and sniper teams.

Too much time on my hands, yeah...  I re-read that and came to the same conclusion.

Qui-Gon Jim:
That Luke is awesome.  I will bite on that one.  I am a sucker for ESB stuff. 

Force Guy:
Why oh why does Hasbro feel compelled to put a frickin PT Obi-Wan figure in each & every line they make?

Bespin Luke & the Stormtrooper look great.  Definitely picking those 2 up.  Curious how 3 waves into the Black Series, and no Darth Vader.  Oh, but we're getting Annie.  Yippee!  Oh, & of course, Obi-Wan.  Gotta have multiple Obi-Wans, always.     

The Stormtrooper looks amazing, I'm hoping it looks as good in person as it does in photos.  I like how they picked an 'optional' weapon to include with it to create a little more interest.


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