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NP.  For a second I thought that the WBB at JTA was rumor mongering again.  But in this case, just trying to grab traffic from another site's story.

I have to say, the Obi-Wan preview does look pretty nicely done.  I haven't decided if I'm in on the prequel figures yet, but loving the OT stuff.  Glad to see Bespin Luke is probably on the way, always one of my favorites.

Bespin Luke revealed at CEII


--- Quote from: Jayson on July 25, 2013, 02:21 PM ---Bespin Luke revealed at CEII

--- End quote ---
Also the Stormtrooper is right behind Luke and it looks like OWK is also there.  Just EpIII Anakin left

Jesse James:
The Stormtrooper looks spiffy but has IG88's rifle?  Weird.


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