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Today I picked up #01 Luke Skywalker (luke pilot from anh). Excelent Figure.

darth broem 2:
I bought Luke the other day.  It is fantastic and look forward to getting some more.  I am more excited about them than the 3 3/4 figures at the moment.  I am just burnt out on the smaller figs. I can only buy so many of the same characters in the same scale.  Blasphemy, I know but there it is.  I will get some along the way of course.  Anyway I ordered the Sandtrooper  on Amazon.  I hope they package it nice for shipping?

Picked up the Sandtrooper. Have to admit, it's pretty cool. Looked hard at R2, but couldn't pull the trigger for $20.

Rune Haako:
Boba, Leia and Greedo at K-Mart yesterday.

Check your Barnes and Nobles - found wave 2 there today including Boba! 


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