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--- Quote from: Darby on December 14, 2013, 08:57 PM ---Check your Barnes and Nobles - found wave 2 there today including Boba!

--- End quote ---

I was gonna post the same thing - went to barnesnnobles yesterday and was surprised to see some wave 2 figs - boba, han, slave leia, and greedo. Boba looked as awesome as I expected and Han looked better than I had seen in photos, leia and greedo were good nut nothing special. But man, $25 was too steep unless they ever go on sale and/or you have a coupon.

I had a 25% off one item coupon, so with my normal 10% discount, he worked out to $17. I agree, $25 is too steep for these in the normal course of things. Boba I probably would have paid full price for in any case, given how hard he's been to find.

My local Target has ten Luke Skywalker  figures and one Greedo.  Weird. If I do get on this band wagon, it will be from Amazon at a sub $10 price.

Finally scored a Fett via Amazon.  Keep checking as he seems to bounce in and out of stock frequently.

Scored Boba Fett via a trade and ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi at a store yesterday.


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