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Me too and once again no tracking info or acknowledgement in my GS account that it shipped. In fact it doesn't even show the Rocket Stormtrooper shipped that I received last month.

I got one of those emails a few weeks ago about the new Battle Droid, but he never actually showed up and now I have no proof he ever even shipped.  ::)

Finally got the new Gaming Greats Battle Droid from GameStop.

Preordered the new Clone Trooper Jesse figure from Walmart earlier today after a few hours of Checkout errors.  ::)

Received Endor Leia and Skiff Guard Lando ROTJ carded figures yesterday from Amazon. Endor Han is out for delivery today.

I got a shipping notice for the Scout Trooper, but he didn’t show up, then I got an email saying he was delayed, then I got an email saying it could not be delivered and they were canceling my order. WTF??

No word on Wicket, which figures because that was the only one I actually cared about in this wave… ::)

Dropped a nice chunk of change preordering Jabba, Celebrations Vader exclusive, Spirit 3-pack and Omega this afternoon at Hasbro Pulse.

thinking Cad Bane will be part of a regular wave, so held off on getting him for now. Same for the ROTJ figures.

I see GameStop wants $28.99 for that exclusive Gaming Greats Maul PLUS shipping.  ::) I can wait for a sale on that one, or at least til he shows up in stores.


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