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New JD Mini-Review: TBS 4" Wave 1 Anakin Skywalker


Jesse James:
I didn't buy Ani yet because I was waiting for him in my Wave 2 case...  Wow, what a shock, and in a good way.


-Sculpt...  Hands down this is the finest in a LONG (far, far too long) line of AOTC Anakin Skywalker figures.  It's been since 2002, and while the Evolutions figure was sufficient to me, I can easily say now just how wrong I was in accepting that figure.

This new Anakin is sporting the most accurate poofy-haired portrait of Hayden Christansen I've ever seen, and I really think some of his ROTS sculpts are exquisite.  This one trumps them all.

The face is plain...  not really expressing anger or sadness or whiney punk bitchness...  It's just plain and neutral, and I dig it.

The hair, the braid, the facial features...  Someone should pat the guy who sculpted this on the back, and promptly get him working on Han, Luke, Leia, and all other main human hero figures from here on out.

The arms are sculpted at the joints JUST so perfectly, so they can hold a saber with 2 hands.  Simply perfect, and no corners cut on the robes to make it look awkward.

Speaking of the robes, there's a depth at the sides that is incredible...  It shows how large the outer tunic is and broadens Christensen's shoulders a good bit revealing his youthfully slight build.

Standing next to a Stormtrooper figure, it's clear to see they made him tall too...  A must, no?  Yes, a must.

-Paint Aps...  My sample is perfect.  The eyes, the hair, etc...  I'd have liked to have seen a LITTLE extra detail to the belt, and ANY detail to his Jedi braid (it's unpainted except for the hair color).  that said, the eyes, tunic colors, boots, belt details...  They're great.

Small details are going away...  I hate seeing that.  The small paint aps really highlighted sculpting details.

-Articulation...  This Jedi Wannabe sports a whopping 12 points of articulation, and most is ball/socket work...  I'm glad to see the torso does NOT sport ball joints though, as I feel Hasbro far overdoes the use of that articulation on that particular part of a figure.  It can look atrocious on a figure without armor, so I appreciate them scaling that back a bit.  Plus it adds cost...  It's a point I largely can live without.

The ankles were a huge surprise...  they're a ball joint that lets them pivot left right plus forward and backward, while turning.  It's a truly improved and amazing articulation point. 

You want your Jedi in wild "doing the splits" crouches, ready to spring out of the pose and pounce on his enemy?  Hasbro made it possible to achieve that level of extreme poseability.

-Mechano Arm Included...  It's small but Hasbro included his mechanical arm, and you have to have that.  It'd have been a major flaw not to include that.  I wish you could remove his arm all together for some war wound looks too.


-Accessories...  Annie comes with, basically, only one accessory...  a lightsaber, lit.  That's it.

How, in 2013, Hasbro doesn't include a saber hilt (unlit) with EVERY Jedi they ever make, I do not know.  But in the span of a week, I have seen 2 4-packs of Jedi, Darth Vader, and now AOTC Anakin, and ALLLLLLLL without a lighsaber hilt for their belt.

Almost all these figures have a hole for a hilt to plug into, but no hilt.

I'll give Ani a hilt for his belt, but it's a huge kick from Hasbro not to include one on their dime.  $10 figures deserve better.

-Price...  $9.99+ Sucks.  Again.

-Under-appreciation From Collectors...  Yes, this CON is all you...

You suck this time.  You haven't bought this figure, and oddly he's the pegwarmer of the Wave 1 so far.  He's warming because YOU won't buy him because YOU think you don't need him.  YOU need to suck it up though and buy, because this figure is really far superior to what you think it is.

This is a definitive figure...  They're rare when Hasbro gets them THIS right, so quit complaining they made him because deep down in places you don't realize and talk about at parties, this is a figure you want.  You're just too goofy to see it yet.


You're welcome...  That's said to the thank you you'll send my way after you buy it because I'm just that kinda influence on you.

But seriously, no, do buy this figure...  It's far superior to what you have.  You'll see it when you get this.  Much like the new Ceremony Luke, I'm amazed at how new this is, and how much better it is than what I had.  You will be as well, I think.


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