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Disney to Purge Select EU

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I don't know that it was really so random.  Over the past several years the output of Dark Horse and Del Rey publishing had been focused on certain projects, and deliberate cross-promotion was absolutely going on.  Comics and books were tying in to where film and television projects left off.  Video games were spun off into comic series and novels.  And post ROTJ EU had been somewhat scattershot at first.  But then it got more focused with novel series like the NJO.

I think that what's going to be coming up in print and video games will probably have a similar kind of focus that builds from tv and film projects.  I think that Disney is probably going to be more ruthlessly focused on cross-promotion.  But I don't think we should kid ourselves that it wasn't going on before.

Angry Ewok:
I mean random for the consumer.


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