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SDCC'14 Exclusive 6" Jabba the Hutt's Throne Room Set

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They do, and allegedly Saturday is my final delivery attempt, but the Chicago Air and Water Show is this weekend and I'll be damned if I'm staying home to wait for a toy when the Blue Angels are right down the street.

I don't care if the box is roughed up as long as the contents aren't broken, I open everything anyway.

On my not Jabba HTS SDCC order confrimation it specifically mentions that a signature will be required.  Glad I'm having my stuff delivered to work or I'd be stuck in that same boat.

Until very recently my wife worked out of our house... but that's not going to fly anymore.  From here on out I'll have stuff shipped directly to the office for sure.

Rob, just give me the extra $30 and I'll ship it to where ever you want, and i'll even kick the box to make it look professional   :D


I got a call from someone at FedEx about two hours ago and they're telling me that they'll reroute to the FedEx-Kinkos near my house tomorrow.  So, in theory I'll be able to pick it up right down the street tomorrow, but I'm expecting something else to be screwy with that plan.


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