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NOTE: THIS IS A SPOILER FREE THREAD FOR OBVIOUS REASONS - spoiler posts will be removed in their entirety. ;)

Well, the first big test is here.  TMZ has posted a whole bunch of shots reportedly from the set of Episode VII.

Are you gonna look at them?

Are you going to feast on every tidbit you can get your hands on hoping to head into December 2015 pretty much knowing everything that's gonna happen?

Or, are you going to swear off Twitter and Facebook and ignore whole sections of Star Wars fan sites (like this one) hoping and praying to know as little as possible as you head to the theaters in December 2015?

I will try to avoid some things, but early photos & casting are fair game for me.  I don't think I can make it 18 months without some kind of general awareness of the movie.

Jesse James:
I looked at 'em...  If it's real spoiler-ish, I will likely avoid.  Those pics were just random stuff that could've been from any scene practically so yeah I'm not bugged by that stuff I guess.

I would like to avoid plot points though, or any major character reveals I think.

I just hope there aren't any big spoilers in the trailers.  I still wish that LFL would have kept Maul's double-bladed saber secret until the movie.  That was a "Holy ****!" moment that would have had more impact seeing it first in the film instead of "I know he's got two blades."  That moment alone was worth price of admission.

I Am Sith:
I'm going to try to avoid as much as I can, but unfortunately for me my curiosity usually gets the best of me.  I'm actually more excited for my sons (they will be 10&11 at the time of release).  I was 10 when ROTJ came out and can still remember listening to the Top 5 music countdown on the local Chicago radio station every night to see if the Ewok Celebration song was still #1.  I also remember only seeing trailers once or twice for the movie and going in not knowing anything about what was going to happen.  It was awesome.

They love The Clone Wars, go crazy for Yoda Chronicles and are really looking forward to Rebels, so I'm sure they are going to go out of their mind when the trailers start coming out.  That's going to be one fun Christmas break.  I'm sure we'll go several times to see it!


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