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6" Black Series Cantina Showdown 2-Pack

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So, Andrewz Toys posted this:  6" Cantina Showdown 2-Pack

Yeah...  a 2-pack of figures that everyone already probably owns.   Huh.  ??? 

No word on if this set is some kind of store exclusive (could be the rumored TRU Cantina set?) or if its the first of potentially many "battle pack" ideas for the 6" figure line.

"They must really be desperate"

That's uh... interesting? It certainly looks like a cool package for MIB collectors, but I can't see this as appealing to other collectors or parents/kids/gift givers.

It looks kind of neat, but yeah, most everyone already has those.  If the Cantina stuff was sculpted plastic it might be more tempting, that being said depending on price/availability I would maybe pick one up to leave boxed since its Han and one of my favorite scenes.

Yeah, I can't justify the expense for a cruddy cardboard table. If they had bothered to put an ounce of effort into this set and given us plastic chairs and table, etc I would have bitten. This is really a weak effort.


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