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Jesse James:
Yeah, what Rob said...  I think they were looking to immediately start creating some kind of re-use base from their toolings ala the 4".

Though a friend did say to me via text during the show, "Wow, already dipping into the 'paint it black and call it something cool' gimmick" and I had to laugh a bit.  It did take them quite a while to catch onto that hook in the 4" line, haha.  That kinda stuff pays for new stuff though, as the lines go, so oh well.

I love this set, but it makes me want Hasbro to release more speeder bike variants in the 3/75 line.

Bah.  At first I was tentative on the 6" line, then I was all in, now I'm not so sure again. 

We're only seeing a handful of 6" figures trickle out each year - which I'm generally okay with.  Now it appears that half of the "new" figures are purely repaints/kit bashed.

Love the all the "big" 6" stuff like the Tauntaun, speeder bikes, etc.  Just wish they would go a little lighter on the rehashed figs.


--- Quote from: Rob on July 26, 2014, 02:16 PM ---Less than a year in and they've used the Sandtrooper sculpt FOUR times, The speeder bike twice, the Clone Trooper twice, and Fett twice.  They're clearly looking to squeeze as much margin out of this line as possible.

--- End quote ---

I think this is just good business sense on Hasbro's part - didn't think I'd ever say that!  Yes, repaints are underwhelming versus new figures, but they are light years better than repacks.  I'll take different paint aps any day of the week over repacked 12" figures that clog the pipeline.  They're ideally using the increased profit on these to offset the creation of brand new sculpts, so I'm glad they're getting a few extra dollars this way, versus going the comic pack route and saying it isn't cost effective to make new stuff.  Beyond all that, I do think the shadow stuff looks cool.  If they had a bright white Sandtrooper release, I'd go all in on that as well.

I am already cherry picking this line so it doesn't bother me too much. I would actually buy a single release shadow trooper though.


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