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This Disney Channel behind the scenes video focuses on actress Daisy Ridley and also shows an alien that may be Simon Pegg's character.

That big blobby thing is Simon Pegg?


Check out this ESPN SC Feature on Kendo, the Samurai films of Kurosawa, and how they provided the basis for lightsaber fighting in Star Wars. 

Mark Hamill hosts this special and it's pretty cool.  It features a good amount of archival footage from the OT, showing stunt coordinator Peter Diamond, Alec Guiness, David Prowse, Mark Hamill and Bob Anderson.  The PT segment is great, too.  Swordmaster Nick Gillard goes in depth about how Kendo influenced the more sophisticated fighting styles of the prequels.  And there's also a brief look at some of John Boyega's training for THE FORCE AWAKENS.


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