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I've been checking in on Twitter at various points today.  Is it just me or could the sneak preview teaser trailer announcement have been any more screwed up? 

"Hey everyone, an 88-second teaser trailer for The Force Awakens may or may not be coming to a theater chain near you!  And that theater chain may or may not be showing it this weekend at their theater closest to you! And they may or may not have figured out on which movies they'll be screening it even though it's just 4 days away!"

I shouldn't need someone to build a map/table of theater chains and locations to figure out if I can see it this weekend or not...

#lame #justputitonlinealready

Of course, just minutes after I rant about what a cluster it is, finally puts out a list of theaters at least...

It will be online within a few hrs, cheap low quality cam crap then get pulled & added & pulled etc...


Jesse James:
Nothing near me anyway, but yeah that was a clusterf of an info roll-out.


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