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I found this mug at a flea market today so I picked it up because I had not seen one like it befor,  I got out my Collecting Books and was trying to find it,  I had no luck finding it in any of them.  So I went back up to the FM and asked the guy where I got them from what he could tell me about them... Needless to say he didn't really know much more than me,  He did say that when he got them it had some EP1 stickers on it that were messed up pretty bad he said he cleaned them off,  I looked at the mug again and wondered why EP1 stickers would be on it, as all the stuff on it looked to be from the old Trilogy.  Anyway, Any info that you guys might have on this mug is most appreciated.


An interesting mug you picked up there. I did a search & this is all that I could find on this type of mug.


Now the one in the auction has a picture in the circle of whats called the Falcon Cockpit were as yours is blank.
Maybe yours did have a picture at one time but I am not sure on it.  :-\

The auction mug is a dead ringer for the one you have. Same shape & style & even the lettering is the same.
The mug did not sell so maybe you can ask the seller a question or 2 on more of this mug.

Thats the best I can do for ya!  ;)

Good research on that there Dale!  That is a pretty cool mug there... nice find!

Thanks Dale, I posted the thread at RS as well, Obi came up with This Auction Seems the Mugs came with a bunch of diff stickers,  I will probley make some new Stickers for it,  maybe find some nice high Res photos on the net somewhere.  

Thanks Again.


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