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My collection has been stolen


My collection has been stolen. In November, I moved from PA back home to TX. My "friend" and I had a long-standing agreement that I would send money each month to pay for shipping my collection, as well as extra money for gas. On Christmas Day, I discovered, to my horror, that he had begun selling my toys on December 9th. I politely called and texted, with no reply. I had already sent him the first payment for shipping, so I opened a case on PayPal about that. This makes the second time that 99% of what I own has been stolen from me. His eBay ID is frazeta1, so if you buy a toy from him, you are contributing to theft and my misery. I will never be able to recover from this one.

What's been sold so far:

1/4 Scale NECA Predator
MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron with MP5 Upgrade kit
Amazon exclusive Unicron
TRU Exclusive Masterpiece Rodimus Prime
Walmart reissue G1 Optimus Prime
TRU Masterpiece Grimlock
Hot Toys Dog Alien (Alien 3)
24 inch long NECA Godzilla
Fans Toys Quakewave (Shockwave)
Play Arts Robocop 2014 version 1.0
Play Arts Robocop 2014 version 3.0
Vintage 1979 Kenner Alien
Sideshow Collectibles 2 Collectible Care Kits
Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (with blue Saga box from 2002)
Transformers Titan Class Metroplex (Hasbro)
Vintage Kenner Radio-Controlled Sandcrawler with 3 Jawas
TRU Exclusive Masterpiece Soundwave

Currently listed on eBay:

Majestic Studios 1/6 scale Cylon Centurion

-Tray Chester

So, you moved and had your friend ship stuff to you when you could afford to pay shipping on it. All of these items are fairly high ticketed items. If you where strapped for cash, why not sell two or three of them to pay for shipping on the rest of the stuff yourself before you left? Not  sure why you trusted someone else to forward this stuff to you. He probably got tired of waiting for you and decided to get rid of the stuff thinking you weren't coming back.

That sucks.  I don't know how close this "friend" was to you, but I would think about taking legal action or flying back to kick his ass.  I think the shipping option you chose sounds pretty expensive, but I could see where maybe you didn't have money to go back and forth yourself or pay to ship it all at once.  You could have put it all into storage and shipped later too I suppose but it all costs money.  The crummy part is that you trusted someone to help and they truly did steal from you.  I can't envision any kind of scenario where I would start selling off a friend's stuff without his permission or doing everything possible to connect with him beforehand.  I guess if you dropped off the planet for a year and I needed the space, but man does that blow.  Especially losing that Quakewave figure.  ouch.


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