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Jesse James:
My dreams are coming true!

First released X-Wing and TIE Fighter...  Now?  Oh my!

GOG released KOTOR II, Battlefront II, Galactic Battlegrounds, X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter, and my favorites...

Dark Forces, and X-Wing: Alliance too!

Yes, two of the ULTIMATE storylines in Star Wars EU, ever IMHO, are now simple downloadable games that'll play on modern machines.

To boot?  X-Wing: Alliance may damn well be moddable so if you have a fast rig, check out X-Wing: Alliance Upgrade...  they've made insanely detailed ops for the game for YEARS (since its release), and can make Alliance look like it was made yesterday visually.

Your PC will need to be beefy to run Alliance Upgrade downloads but I'm guessing they're already making sure it's compatible and everything works.  They can take the game from dated looking, to something you'd see on any modern console (or better).  Their work is professional to say the least.

Jesse James:

The original Rogue Squad, which had good story and awesome new EU vehicles (love the hover tanks in it.  Antiquated looking but neat), Empire At War (complete game!) Rebellion (blah), Republic Commando (AWESOME!)...  Lots of goodness and more to come in 2015 they say.

I'm hopeful for Force Commander, the other Rogue Squad Games, Bounty Hunter...  All great storylines, and despite Matt_Fury and I disagreeing on FC's gameplay, I still maintain it's a miles superior game overall to Galactic Battlegrounds.  Empire At War, eh, not so much.  I barely played that though due to the game's demands on my machine at the time.  :(  It played nice though, what I did play.

Jedi Knight (How'd I forget) now also on GOG...  Hopefully Mysteries of the Sith soon to follow.  People who didn't play Dark Forces, JK, and MOTS, missed out on some of the finest EU in all of EU. 

Those alone + XW, TIE, and XW: Alliance, would've made me happy.  The rest of these downloads are just a bowl of gravy at this point.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on January 22, 2015, 08:21 PM ---I'm hopeful for ... the other Rogue Squad Games, Bounty Hunter...
--- End quote ---
As much as I would love to see those it will never happen because they were never available on PC.

Jesse James:
I'm not so sure...  Porting old games seems relatively easy, but each I'm not counting on it.

I just had to drop a few hundy on car repairs, otherwise I'd be all over these


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