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More Astromech Battle Packs Please


Hey Hasbro.

Me and a few friends were discussing droids on Twitter last night.  You know what would be cool?  New Astromech Battle Packs!

One of my favorite things you cranked out during the TPM3D release a few years ago was the Royal Starship Droids Battle Pack.  Before that, you cranked out a couple of sweet Astromech 5-packs exclusively through our pals at Entertainment Earth.

If you could go ahead and do that again for me, that'd be just swell.  Here, I'll even get things started for you - you can include the cancelled BADs from the aborted Droid Factory line - R8-B7 and R5-X2. 

Pick out a couple more previously unreleased droids from Home One or where ever, contact our pals at Entertainment Earth, and get things rolling.


Your Pal,

Yes! I would like the cancelled Clone Wars R5-P8 to show up as well.

An accurate R5-D4 would be great!  The previous few versions do not have the proper panels painted red on the back of the droid...

I've wanted an R2-A5 forever as well


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