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Curious how many if you are using this app,  this can be a JD specific thread on the app and developments in it

Anyone still playing this? I just got it the other day and holy jeez I'm so behind the eight ball in missing out on all the rare inserts and whatnot. Cool game though, and it's nice to have a new casual Star Wars game to play on the phone again after Tiny Death Star took a dump.

Username is MATTYBIRCHALL if anyone wants to friend me or trade cards or whatever.

My friend finally convinced me to cave and download this app over the weekend. I resisted it because I knew it would be addicting, and I was right.

DiddlyScoop is my username if anyone wants to add me/trade. Matuck is my friend's username if you need another friend/trader.

I signed up a few weeks ago and have actually really started to get into it even though I'm way behind.

If anyone wants to add me on there my username is SOAPNTHEPEEHOLE

Looks like I'm done with this app... got a new phone, and when I tried to log in on the new phone, it couldn't find my username, despite the fact that I am still able to log in and play on my old phone. ::)

The only other option is to start from scratch on the new phone and transfer 8,000+ cards to my new account 9 at a time. ::)

Might as well... been spending WAY too much actual money on this app lately.


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