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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (SPOILERS)

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Disney/Lucasfilm finally confirms the rumor that's been floating around all summer - Colin Trevorrow will direct Star Wars: Episode IX.

So what happens after Episode IX? Do we get anthology movies after that? Do we get a new series that isn't based on the Skywalker family? Star Wars needs as many movies as the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets.

I think that all depends on how well the new trilogy is received. And that means with fans, the mainstream movie audience, and overall profits. 

I agree with you guys completely! They need to hire a director who has experience and a filmography which includes lots of blockbusters! Otherwise Episode VI will tank. I mean who the hell is Richard Marquand anyway??????


Check out this Star Wars News Net article that touches on some of the possibilities of how Lucasfilm and Disney may deal with the passing of Carrie Fisher.  It even goes so far to say that Disney may be in contact with Carrie Fisher's estate in order to secure her likeness rights.

I take this as half rumor/half Disney making a play to secure these rights in the event that Lucasfilm decides to go in this direction.  I don't take this as confirmation that Lucasfilm wants to make a CGI Carrie Fisher for Episode IX, but that they want to have that option open to them.  All of that being said, the idea doesn't sit too well with me since it's only been a short time since Carrie Fisher passed.


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