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ANOVOS Prop Replica Clothing, Armor, and Helmets

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Part of their Force Friday offerings.

Up for pre-order now!

It's a bit pricey (seeing as I was able to get a stormtrooper set of armor for about $200 less), but from what I've seen so far, they're quality is top notch!

I'd be interested in learning more about their pricing strategy.  It really kind of seems like its all over the board for Star Wars stuff.

I ordered the Stormtrooper kit for $350 (including helmet).
The Stormtrooper helmet by itself is $150.
The AT-AT driver helmet and Kylo Ren's helmet are nearly quadruple that at around $550.
Some really (seemingly) basic costumes like Imperial Officer and X-Wing pilot costumes (no helmet) are $1500.

I'd really love an X-Wing pilot costume, but can't even begin to pull the trigger at $1500 (and NO helmet?!?!) when I'm getting the full Stormtrooper kit for $350.  Its an orange jump suit with simple chest piece.  Am I'm missing something (other than greed)?

Its hard to believe its all because of volume, but who knows.

Anybody got any insight in to this?

Hey Dave.  I ordered the Stormtrooper kit as well for $350 and the reason the price was so low on that at first was to not only generate buzz, but to generate cash in order to start the production.  They tiered the pricing of the kits (and full ensemble) and staged it up to $650 for the kit if you were to purchase today.  The vast number of kits that they were able to get pre-orders for allowed them to get some seriously high grade plastics, so these costumes should look fantastic!

I did a lot of research into Anovos before I purchased and a lot of their folks are from Sideshow and are members of the RPF, so they are really trying to put out high quality items.  There's a youtube video where they talk about having to go out and make the wool for the Imperial officer's uniforms and hats because the same material wasn't made anymore.  I would also recommend you check out the forums on FISD for more info on the Stormtrooper kit, they have a tread dedicated to it and the 501st are true experts on this.

Bottom line, I'm really excited to see these kits when they start shipping next month.

I'm super stoked for the Stormtrooper kit too.  I just hope I haven't gotten myself in over my head.  Check in next year when I'm wearing the helmet and some sweats because I threw in the towel on the kit building... :P

I'm not expecting the Stormtrooper armor to be made of the same materials that they used in the movies, but I am expecting it to look like the armor and have decent quality.

I guess I can sort of buy the fancy wool, but heck, that seems like a lot of money for a basic outfit.  Maybe I don't understand the target market for this stuff and people really want the exact wool used in the costumes. 

I'm still floored how an orange jumpsuit costs $1500.  Maybe they felt they had to reinvent the wheel on the material for this one too to be 100% prop accurate, but I would be 100% satisfied if they used a modern equivalent nylon/poly blend for 1/4 the price.  They priced me out / I'm not seeing the value in 100% movie accurate for that one at that price.  If they did the x-wing costume with helmet for $1000 I would consider it, but $1500 and no helmet seems outlandish to a non costumer like me.


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