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Petition to have Lucas direct Episode IX


We all really need to sign this to help George Lucas direct Episode IX.

Not thanks...I'll pass.

Proof that it's impossible to please all fans. There's the group that hated the Prequels, the group that prefers the Prequels, the group that hates TFA, the group that hates the Special Editions, etc....

I wonder how many people end up overlapping into many of the "hate X, Y or Z" groups. Like I'd love to meet and talk with someone that hates the special editions, hates the prequels and hates TFA, but would love to have George Lucas back to direct EP9. Their logic (or lack of it) that justifies their position would be truly amusing to behold.

This is the absolute last thing I want for episode 9.  If anything I want it given back to Abrams.

And I thought I hated Colin Trevorrow.


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