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So, Are Kanjiklub Literally Little Freaks?


Jesse James:
Not talking midgets here, but Kanjiklub was referenced by Han as "Little freaks". 

Then the leader figure is diminutive (I don't have him, just know he is).  They're tough to really tell in the show they're in, but are they like pygmy type guys or what?

It was one of the funnier lines in the movie IMO and I kind of am curious about them now.  They just look like Asian guys from what I recall, but are they really tiny humans or what?

Who knows.  I do think it shows that Han is a little rough around the edges. 

The actors who were the leaders of Kanjiklub were specifically cast for the part.  They were in an Indonesian martial arts film that was something of a cult hit, called "The Raid".  And the actors are legitimately short.  It's a little disappointing that they weren't able to showcase their abilities in THE FORCE AWAKENS, but then I think that would've taken us out of the movie.


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