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The Infancy of Finally Having My Stuff Displayed and Not Just Stored

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Qui-Gon Jim:
Hey Go-Bots!!  Get out of there!

What magical incantations did you use to get that new style AT-ST to stand?

If it's anything like's leaning backwards slightly into the wall.   ;D

It's looking great so far Nick!  Can't wait to see more!

Here are a few more pictures. For the most part the set up isn't much different than the other photos I posted. These are some of the shelves I didn't photograph last time. It's tough to get very good pics as the "aisles" are not very wide. I didn't take pictures of my carded vintage which are stacked in cases, and most of the stuff I didn't open as it's not displayed that pretty. At this point the basic figures are organized and easy to access, but in drawers and not displayed. Thanks for looking. Now I need a bigger house so I can really display the stuff as I'd like.

You can stick a Tie cockpit on pretty much anything and make me want it. I remember the "uglies" from some of the EU books and always loved the idea of a Tye-Wing. Excited to add this to the Tie Fighter shelf.


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