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Not sure if this merits a separate thread so please feel free to merge. I watched all the deleted scenes last night...surprised there were not more footage in there, I had heard they cut out a lot.

The scene with Finn and the villager would have been good to keep in there since it was so short and does serve to further underscore Finn's abrupt conversion from soldier to sympathizer.

The message from Jakku scene did seem superfluous although it does provide at least a little plausible backstory for how Poe got away.

I liked the X-wings hitting light speed because of Parkman's, er...Snap wexley's one liner "is there any other speed?"  :D

I loved Kylo searching the Falcon, if only for the gratuitous Snowtrooper shots and his demonstration of yet another heretofore unseen power of the Force - psychometry. Interesting how this kid is able to do all these wondrous thing with the Force that no Sith Lord has ever pulled off before, not even Bane or Vader.

Really happy they pulled the snow speeder chase because that whole segment looked like crap I thought. Really bad CGI. Cool to see that this toy actually existed in the film though.

Oh, and still not a single sign of Constable Zuvio anywhere. WTF?!?

I think the snow speeder chase scene was very unfinished. The cg looked like animatics rather than fully complete. I assume there would have been more of it.

I watched the deleted scenes, too.  And I get the sense that there might be some more that will be packaged in another release down the line.  It sucks to be that cynical about things, but I think there have been some very calculated decisions by a range of studios that release assorted versions of their content over an extended timeframe.

I liked the scene between Finn and the Villager.  It really cemented his decision to not kill innocents in his service to the First Order.  But when you compare this scene with the scene where the Stormtroopers have lined up the villagers to execute them, Finn doesn't fire.  And it's shown quite deliberately.  Combine that with Kylo Ren's recognition of something being wrong with FN-2187, and I can understand why this scene was cut.  Because it was redundant.

I liked the message from Jakku scene, too.  But I think the reveal of Poe on D'Qar and his brief dialogue with Finn saying "I woke up at night..." covered that point.  And I think having Leia revealed in the scene where her transport arrives on Takodana works better for the flow of the movie.

The scenes where the X-wings are taking off and going to lightspeed as well as the snowspeeder chase came across like they were cut before those effects were completely finished.

The one scene that I think could have stayed in the film?  Finn being treated in the medical center.  It brought together how much Rey cared for him, and also established the fact that Finn was going to recover.  The way Rey said goodbye to Finn in the movie left his status dangling somewhat.

I was really hoping to see the deleted scene where Unkar Plutt followed Rey and the Falcon to Takodana.  Because we haven't seen enough Wookiee rage and arms coming off!

Oh, and what was with Leia's mysteriously disappearing ponytail?  Did they seriously spend money to digitally remove a ponytail?


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