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commander apoc:
For the fans of the German modelmaker Revell, there are 4 new Star Wars Vehicles to release in 2007:
Modelnumber 6659 - Slave 1

Modelnumber 6660 - Y-Wing Attack Fighter

Modelnumber 6661 - Snowspeeder

Modelnumber 6662 - AT-AT

The snowspeeder and the Y-wing are probely 1:32, Slave 1 probely 1:48 or 1:72 and the AT-AT maybe even 1:144.

All kits are Easykits, like all of the Star Wars line, except for the Republic Starship.
Personely I think that the new AT-AT is not a easykit because of the big size.

These where the models from 2006:

modelnumber 4860 - Republic Star Destroyer

modelnumber 6650 - Anakin's Jedistarfighter

modelnumber 6651 - Obi-wan's Jedistarfighter

modelnumber 6652 - Droid Starfighter

modelnumber 6653 - Arc 170 Clone Fighter

modelnumber 6654 - AT-RT

modelnumber 6655 - Darth Vader Tie Fighter

modelnumber 6656 - Luke Skywalker's X-wing Fighter

modelnumber 6657 - Imperial Shuttle

modelnumber 6658 - Millenium Falcon

commander apoc:
Just heard that the collection 2007 comes out in september 2007.... so that's a bit too far away....

I also heard that for 2008 the rumors are that the Tie-Bomber and Tie-Interceptor will be made.
Also a Jedi-interceptor with hyperring (episode 2) will be one those rumors.

commander apoc:
A few weeks ago I finally found the new models of Revell 2007... in Belgium... here's some pics:



Slave 1: (very cool and very articulated)

ATAT: (quite big....)

Here's the whole Revell Collection:

Nice pic!  I sure like the weathering on the Falcon. 

commander apoc:

--- Quote from: JesseVader08 on December  9, 2007, 03:01 AM ---Nice pic!  I sure like the weathering on the Falcon. 

--- End quote ---

Thanx, here are some pics in daylight of the falcon.


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