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Picked up the Heavy Assault Walker today. Can't imagine Hasbro will make one

I got the Revell A-Wing and TIE Silencer a few days ago.  The A-Wing is fantastic and with some simple weathering and detailing can be made to look really good!  Here are some pics of the unmodified TIE Silencer kit:

And here are some pics of my modified A-Wing with painted figure, weathering, and other detailing: 

Hmm, so no ROS Revell stuff? I'm bummed. I'm not a real model builder so I have appreciated the revell kits that look great, have paint, and have lights and sounds to boot.

I would have appreciated some of this stuff.

Night Buzzard - Knights of Ren ship
Ochee's ship
FO walker on Kijimi
Random fleet ships (Meson Martinet?!?)

I hadn't thought of that but yeah that's a bummer. I love having the Solo Patrol Speeder and even more so the TLJ Gorilla Walker


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