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Impressive!  I have a Millenium Falcon model I really need to put together someday.

Is that painted at all? looks like a pretty cool model

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--- Quote from: Hemish on December 13, 2007, 05:32 AM ---Is that painted at all? looks like a pretty cool model

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All the SW Revell models (besides one) are allready painted, so you only have to cut them loose from the frame and snap em together. The only downside is the edges that are left behind... if you do not remove them carfuly, the paint is damaged and you have to paint it over again  >:(.

The Republic Stardestoyer is the only one that you have to paint and glue together yourself, but I don't have time for that yet.... as for the 20 other starwars models I still have to build  >:(.... but it is somesort of fun.... :P

--- Quote from: Matt_Fury on December 12, 2007, 05:29 PM ---Impressive!  I have a Millenium Falcon model I really need to put together someday.

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Goodluck ;)

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Well this is just in from Revell... it's only coming in as soon as oktober 2008:-\ And they only come in easy pocket sizes..

nr.06728 Sith Infiltrator

nr. 06729 Republic Gunship

nr. 06730 Naboo Starfighter

nr. 06731 Jedi Starfighter

I didn't see any recent thread about this, so does anyone build/collect the Revell Star Wars models? 

Over the past couple years, I've gotten more and more into these models and find them a great way to get correctly-scaled and detailed Star Wars vehicles for relatively low cost. Some of the models are definitely kid-oriented and basically toys with lights and sounds that require minimal construction.  Others are more formal kits with multiple parts that need to be removed from plastic trees and assembled.  There are a lot of pre-painted snap-tite options that make decent-looking models when built straight out of the box or which could provide a good base for customization.  My only gripe is that scales can be inconsistent between different ships (i.e. they'll make an X-Wing in 1/48 scale and then the complimentary TIE fighter in 1/35 scale or something like that).

One of my most recent purchases was the massive 1/30 scale X-Wing.  I built it straight from the box (no paint mods) and have been very happy with it.  The model is wonderfully detailed and functional.  It looks like a proper X-Wing and has different display options with removable panels, etc.  The model is reasonably scaled to the Unleashed figures from 10 years ago, so it can potentially be used in diorama displays.  It also shows just how underscaled many of the classic 3.75" vehicles are!

Comparison shot with a Hasbro X-Wing:


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