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Star Wars Battlefront II (not to be confused with Star Wars: Battlefront II)

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. . .is a thing that is happening. Trailer officially releases this weekend, but it already kind of leaked today. Looks like it will cover all three trilogy eras.

Trailer looks good, but given the colossal pile of you-know-what that the first one was, I'll wait to see if they actually added the stuff the fans were asking for.

And, for your entertainment, dank memes!

The last gaming platform that I bought was either my PS2 or the first X-Box.  But after seeing this? Battlefront II trailer.  Damn!  I may have to scope out whatever platform my nephews have when I see them tomorrow for Easter and "gift" them a copy...

Jesse James:
Won't be duped again.  BF sucked hard.  It's a weak ass excuse for a shooter in a sea of shooters.

Visually, it's stunning.  Game play is crap though, and it's as unbalanced a FPS as I've ever played.  Such potential pissed away because they really put zero imagination into the weaponry and some of the other details like that.

That said, if they do a good SP campaign (ala Titanfall 2!  That thing is incredible and was shadowed only because it came out with like 3 other major games at the same time), I'll come back...  but on sale.  I'm recooping some of my lost $ from the last game. 

BF was visually fun though.  Lots of inspiration for customizing in a weird way.  The game is trash though.  The older BF's were far superior.

They lost me at EA.  :-\


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