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Rumors of the return of the beast packs have been flowing for the past couple weeks, now early pics out of SDCC have confirmed them - first up, Rathtar and Bala-Tik from TFA:

(pic by talker_art via @yak_face])

Glad to see the return of creatures to the line.  And those Guavian Enforcers did need Bala Tik to round out the group.  But that figure also looks very much like it's 5 POA.  Perhaps the rumors of increased articulation have been exaggerated?

Nice.  Put me down for 3 Rathars.

Anyone need only Bala-Tik?

I love it! We just need one for the 6" line too!

Very cool.  Glad to see this.  Hopefully that means we've got a Luggabeast coming too.


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