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Is Star Wars special anymore?

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Jesse James:

--- Quote from: Scockery on January  4, 2018, 09:00 PM ---Star Wars is only special when it's the Holiday Special.

Okay, special? The sequels have messed up part of the fairy tale aspect of the OT, if you consider the OT to have that. Lucas considered the Empire dead after ROTJ. Not in retreat...over with. Kaput. Every post-OT thing ignored him. (So what were his plan for the Sequels?)

But what's done is done. Good, bad, meh, a new Star Wars movie every year is fine. None of us are getting younger.

Now to sign that petition to disavow The Last Jedi.... >:D

--- End quote ---

I refuse to let Lucas off the hook that easy...  He signed off because $'s cool, and he let them do what they wanted.  Not a lot of it was very good...  very little of it, actually, was very good.  Most of it was quite bad.  And Lucas collected checks from all of it.  So his horse **** fairy tale ending is about as hollow as his principles and love of Star Wars.  Not that I hate him by any means, quite the opposite, but he's a human, and as such, his fairy tale is cool and all, but he's also in a way not the end-all to me of Star Wars, and that other people can play in that universe and maybe do a good job. 

I feel that brings Lucas down to their level somewhat, about the supposed sanctity of Star Wars as a whole...  Even the guy who made it was willing to whore it out when it suited him.

Star Wars EU has a lot of stuff I really like but it's mostly short one-off things, or even just a piece of a story like the Solo twins.  But this is why (again) I just look at the current way things are, as just more EU material, and it's just as likable or unlikable as the old EU depending on your tastes.  And to me, it's just as ignorable if I don't care for it, or lovable if I do enjoy it, which so far I have...  But some of the new books and stuff are utter **** themselves.

I find the people who are the real maniacs right now in all this crap are the ones who have some tie to Star Wars that isn't healthy.  I can't think of anyone here like that, and I consider all of us the pinnacle of fandom who maybe only lack the budget of others like Sansweet.  There isn't anywhere hanging out here I wouldn't consider a super fan of Star Wars though, obviously.  But nobody here appears to be some absolutely batshit nuts, and I mean that in an unhealthy sense, about Star Wars that we are enraged by it to the point of anger and lashing out at other fans about it... 

Now, I need to get to bed here...  Oh, and I say up yours to all of you.  ;D

Don't hold back now, Jesse.  :D

Yeah, Lucas is no Bill Watterson. (Calvin & Hobbes' creator who refused to license his creations out at all, IIRC)

I don't know if I'm a super fan. I had to step back after seeing The Last Jedi to assess how I felt about it and Star Wars as a whole.  In the end, what my dad said "it was worth seeing" sums it up. High praise, cuz he didn't care for The Force Awakens. LOL.

Jesse James:
I had just gotten done fighting with an EU zealot on social media haha. 

Again I like Lucas and I think he’s a good person just human.  But I mean there are people saying how Star Wars was sacred till now and TLJ ruined that.  Puhlease.  Hoojibs, Jar Jar, the holiday special, and Star Wars branded Kleenex say you’re a moron if you’re acting like it was an infallible thing till 3 years ago.

Nothing can compare to the enjoyment I have every time I'm in the theater for the first time waiting for the next installment. To me, that's the best part. So I'm sure I'll keep showing up as long as I'm able.

Just prior to Disney buying the property, I had accepted the OT as "my" Star Wars. The PT was fun, if a bit whatever in parts, and I had lost track of the grind that was the Clone Wars show. I could accept that I can love Star Wars but don't have to be into everything that comes down the pike. There were about three generations of Star Wars fans at that point, now I guess it could be four. And a lot of these newer fans probably don't give a **** about the OT like most of us do.

I do think Star Wars needs some cool-down time, though. Hopefully after Solo, they'll go to a more sensible release schedule.


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