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Is Star Wars special anymore?

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Like others, still special for me and the family too. I do wonder about the general public after 5 or more years of this, we'll see. A lot depends on what the schedule looks like post Episode 9. I'm generally of the mindset of more Star Wars each year is good with me. I've made my peace that no matter how much I like the new movies (and I've loved them all so far), it will never change my feelings for "my" trilogy - the OT. I'm just enjoying the ride watching my daughter soak in this new trilogy the way I did as a kid. Fun stuff. The toys are another story, I do wish we could get a little more in depth there.

This brings to mind something else I wanted to ask here that we had been talking about in our house. Is Star Wars a bigger deal than Marvel to modern, general audiences? I know Star Wars is still the box office champ, but it sure seems like in my daily life there is more familiarity and "buzz" around Marvel stuff from the more casual fans. I know we have seen the Infinity War trailer each time we have seen Last Jedi, and everyone seems to be talking about it each time. I mean, I love both, but I was just curious if Star Wars was still the biggest deal to the general audience these days.

To me its a bit of an evolution.

In the past Star Wars was really a movie only thing that happened once every three years spanning six years, twice.  It was "rare" and a little unique, which helped make it a little "special".  But I think the mythos, and characters, and pop-culture appeal have made Star Wars extra special in a way that Marvel, Star Trek, and others haven't matched.

Star Wars is now evolving to be a more consistent pop-culture event where the movies are more frequent (like Marvel) and potentially adding live action TV.  While this changes the rarity of the public's interaction with Star Wars, I don't believe this will significantly change how Star Wars is viewed from a "special" perspective.  As others have said, maybe this will change in five years where we reach a potential over-saturation.

Itís special for me because of my kids, and that the movies have been good.  Iím not overly excited about Solo, but weíll see it and I hope itís great.

I loved Rogue One and would like to see more stories like that.  Use the anthology films to show the larger universe of Star Wars.  Just take the Magnificent Seven and fill it with some Jedi and bounty hunters and Ií Be in heaven!

Jesse James:
A lot of what Matt said there is how I feel, and Rogue One has been my favorite of the new movies.

The new trilogy doesn't have that place in my heart that the OT does, and perhaps that's partially why RO is so cool and fun to me.  And maybe why I'm looking forward to Solo a little more than some others are? 

That said I thought the new movie was great, I love going to see them...  I don't feel compelled to see it opening night quite as badly as I used to because it's not always convenient for me, but I still feel it's a special thing getting to see a new movie.

To me though, and maybe this has helped me too, to me these are all a form of expanded universe.  It's like more LOTR to me is just not Tolkien's stuff, and so it's just not quite the same, but for my $, some of my favorite Star Wars stories were like Maarek Steele and Keyan Farlander's story, or Kyle Katarn's, and so I'm ok with a slight disconnect from these films and the OT.

That said, the new trilogy is vastly superior, IMO, to the PT, in most ways, and so it just proves to me that Lucas was not the end all be all...  he maybe created the universe, but other people can do wonderful things with it, and that makes me hopeful for all the films, and that they're pretty special to go to every year.

The toy launches are getting a tad old, as are the fairly shallow offerings for any given film...  But that's another topic for another section I guess.

Star Wars will always be special to me. Nothing can diminish the impact its had on my life both as an influence on my creativity or just the sheer endless joy it's provided over the years. A bad movie here or there won't diminish SW, or a more frequent schedule of films. Will some of these films not be my cup of tea? Inevitable, probably. Will going to see a SW movie become less exciting? I'd argue it already has, but there's nothing like sitting in the theater that first viewing.

What has diminished about SW is fandom. And by that I mean the level of discourse that has corroded one of the most special, unique experiences in all of entertainment. We debate it here, we tweet about it, we talk about it amongst ourselves. There is a segment of fandom that has become toxic and exclusionary. This isn't because of Disney, or Rey, or whatever. It's gone on a long time now, back to the PT and maybe before. There are fans who think they've got it all figured out. They own SW. And as new generations come into it, as new creators, as new aspects of the story develop, they seek to diminish them or push them out. It's sad and pathetic. I'd prefer to let it all go, and just enjoy my hobby, but it's gotten to the point where voices of reason have to be heard.


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