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LFL/Disney Announce New Star Wars Movies from Benioff & Weiss

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RE:  Solo - It's astounding that a movie which had such challenges and still made $400 million is regarded as a failure.

Greedo The Green Menace:
I still think Solo would be better off continued as Disney+ series. I enjoyed the film, but the whole time I was watching it i couldn't help but think it has so much more potential as an episodic tv show.


--- Quote from: Jeff on October 29, 2019, 11:15 AM ---
I'd love for this to re-open the idea of doing a second Solo film with Han and Chewie working for Jabba, running into Boba Fett for the first time, etc.  So much potential there for OT Imperial run-ins and what not.

--- End quote ---

This. Agree 100%. I really, really liked Solo and would love to see it continue either as a Disney+ show or movie. It really seems like it might be a fresh start after Rise of Skywalker, at least movie wise, with this latest cancelled movie originally scheduled for 2022. So, we may have a wait for big screen Star Wars, which is maybe for the best? But yes, more Solo please.

Jesse James:
Iím with Jeff Iím hoping this cracks the door open a little more for a Solo2 since that film feels so unfinished with how it ended.  I loved Solo, and would gladly love to see more.  I was skeptical at someone besides Ford doing it, but they really did a good job.

Judging from the way the final GoT season was received, and their attitude towards fans in general, we may have dodged a bullet here.


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