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Nova Ubiquitous Action Figure Displays

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I've been catching up on a number of projects during the extra time at home.  One is putting together my Nova Ubiquitous UB-01LS.  OMG, my thumbs!  I've got the basic structure together, but I need to figure out the lighting and wiring scheme that I want to do.  Then I can really get this thing fully put together.

Jesse James:
This is a moldy oldy. 

Iím mulling a lighted unit myself.  I have my Ubi in its box.  I need to get my **** together on fixing up the collection room so I can display stuff and enjoy toys instead of look at storage boxes.

I think when I get this up on the shelf it's going to stand in for the Eravana in THE FORCE AWAKENS.  But I have to decide if I'm going to do this as a 3.75" or 6" display.


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