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Hey Hasbro,

Long time, no chat.  It's me, your old pal Jeff here.  I was looking at that new Dr. Aphra 3-pack coming to SDCC and it got me thinking how GREAT it would be if you could launch a whole line of these again (like you had at Target in 2011). 

It'd be a really nice way to quickly fill in some pretty big holes in our 3.75" SA figure collections.  Set the price at the $40-45 range at Target and be sure to include three ALL-NEW, 3.75" SA figures - NO straight repacks.  Imagine the possibilities...

(*a note before we begin - I left out anyone that I'd like to see on a TVC card - so no Sim Aloo, etc)

- um, you know what, maybe we just skip this movie?

- yeah... let's skip this one too.

- *sigh* - pass.  (I tried, prequel folks. I really did.)

- Modern SA fig of the classic Kenner sculpt/deco for Walrus Man, Hammerhead, Greedo
- Classic Leia, Gray Death Squad Dude, Ceremonial Han (with accurate shirt/sculpt this time)
- Owen, Beru, Kenner Deco Power Droid
- Solomahal, Tzivvzt, Baniss Keeg

- Lando, Bespin Escape Leia, Piett

- Yotts Orren, Vedain, Taym Dren-garen
- Fozec, Shasa Tiel, Geezum

- Takodana Han Solo, General Leia, HURID-327

- Crait Luke, Crait Leia, General Ematt
- Holdo, Connix, Captain Poe
- SA Elite Praetorian Guard with Helmet #2 and #3, Shirtless Kylo (you know you want it)

Rogue One:
- Baze, Chirrut, Shoretrooper Squad Leader
- K-2SO, Bohdi, Krennic
- Farmer Galen, Lyra Erso, 'lil Jyn Erso

- Kessel Qi'Ra, Kessel Beckett (ROTJ skiff costume), Savareen Dryden Vos
- Vandor Han, Kessel Lando, L3-37
- Vandor Beckett, Vandor Val, Vandor Rio
- Mimban Han, Mimban Beckett, Mimban Val

Can't argue with these proposals, Jeff.

And it's hard to come up with a 3-pack that we wouldn't want to see on TVC card (the ESB one especially).

I've always been a Podracer fan, so this could be a way to do new figures from there... or at least Elan Mak.  I've always dug him.

And maybe a Gahan, Gore, and Fletch 3-pack?  ;)

- Anakin Skywalker (Podracer), Sebulba, Watto

- Dooku, Poggle the Lesser, Nute Gunray

- Palpatine Office Duel, 2 characters to go with it

- Hux, TR-8R, Hologram Snoke
- Han, Leia, Maz
- Jakku Poe, Flametrooper, Lor San Tekka

- Rose, Finn, DJ
- FO Officer Finn, FO Officer Rose, FO Officer DJ
- Poe, Holdo, Connix
- Crait Luke, Crait Leia, unmasked Kylo
- Ben Swolo, Rey, Hermit Luke

Rogue One:
- Cassian, K2, Shoretrooper
- Baze, Chirrut, Bodhi
- Krennic, Tarkin, Galen Erso
- Saw Guerra, Two Tubes, Some other Saw dude

- Young Han, Young Qi'ra, Moloch
- Tobias Beckett, Val, Rio
- Dryden Vos, Qi'Ra, Vos Security Guard
- Lando, L3, Kessel Wookiee

Jesse James:
Shirtless Anakin and Shirtless Kylo could hang out and mock shirtless Luke...  all SA too. 🤷‍♂️


--- Quote from: Diddly on June  6, 2018, 12:52 PM ---AOTC:
- Dooku, Poggle the Lesser, Nute Gunray
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I'm not paying $40-45 for another SA Dooku and SA figures of these two clowns. I'll stick with the versions I have, thanks. :P

--- Quote from: Jesse James on June  6, 2018, 05:25 PM ---Shirtless Anakin and Shirtless Kylo could hang out and mock shirtless Luke...  all SA too
--- End quote ---

Don't forget to invite Malakili, Shirtless Maul and Shirtless Savage Opress to that party!  So many shirtless action figures!


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