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New announcement from Lucasfilm.

Lots of potential here.  Not exactly The Old Republic, but a great chance for Disney/Lucasfilm to create their own unique story.  I just hope that when movies are made about the High Republic, they are able to stand alone from the books being written.  Kind of like how Rebels was handled in Rogue One...a lot of neat Easter eggs for Rebels fans, but the movie stood on its own.

Interesting to see that this is a print only (at this time) story line. 

Is this the first really all new story line that Disney has created outside of Episodes 7-9?   

Solo, Rogue One, Resistance all seem to fit within the existing timeline and universe.

Was this the same thing that was all over Twitter today?

Looks super meh to me, but I donít generally read any of the printed stuff anyway.


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