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Diamond Select 7" Star Wars Figures



Going to put this in here for now but might move it later depending on response - do you guys want a whole new section for these or are they "close enough" to 1/12 Scale Black Series stuff to leave in here?

I don't know if there has been any sort of 'official' announcement, but Disney seems to have given Diamond Select a license to make 7" figures.  First there was a Boba Fett and now a Darth Maul has popped up.  These appear to be Disney Store/Park exclusives.

Thoughts on Diamond Select showing up and trying to eat Hasbro's lunch?   It seems like all those people who wanted Hasbro to lose the license and give someone else a try are getting their wish in some weird way?  Or is this just a Disney Store novelty line that will come and go and not make a difference to Hasbro?

I vote  for moving these into the “Other Collectibles” section just to keep things less cluttered. They’re not 6”, they’re not Black Series, and they’re not Hasbro. Most of us will probably never even see these things, TBH.

Just my two cents...

I like it as a stand alone thread as is.  I'm not collecting these, but interested in hearing more about them.

I'll admit that these look really nice, but I have no interest in starting a new, very similar line to what I already own. 

I'm not sure how broad the distribution is going to be.  It makes sense if these are Disney park exclusives, but I don't really get adding these to the general mix if they're sold through EE and other locations.  Maybe its just negotiation leverage with Hasbro...

Are people really that bothered by what Hasbro is doing with the 6" line?  I think its pretty darn nice.  I gripe about all the repaints lately, but I can also choose not to buy them (which I mostly have).  Overall I think the new items in the line are pretty darn great.


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