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Angry Ewok:
I finally found one! Now I need one more!

Appearance -
Looks good, real good. I am sorta uncertain about the stance the pilot is in, but he's casual enough that he isnt annoying... It could be worse! I'm uncertain of the accuracy of the lil box on the chest, as its imposible to see in the movie, but I like it.


Articluation -
8 points, while not bad, Hasbro really blew a chance to articulate a figure. No knee and wrist articulation? Why not? Sometimes I just don't understand Hasbro... He's a pilot, articulate the knees! Ball-joint head is perfect, fabulous. Nice elbow articulation like on Red Clone.


Pose-ability -
Pretty limited w/o wrist articulation... no grade.

Accessory -
I'd have paid another $5 for a ball-turret... this off-color ball thing is crap, plain and simple... Pistol is cool though.


Overall -
I like the figure a lot, I grade very mean, but that's because I know Hasbro can do better... Let down - No wrist articulation. Good thing- Looks good and isnt in a stupid action pose.


Nice review. I still have not seen the pilot in stores yet.  :(

Have you checked out this custom on the Gun Turet ball. It's awesome.  ;)

I got th eclone pilot when the Ep2 dvd came out in Nov. I really like it. The pose is more made for the ball cannon so without it, he looks like he's leaning, but that's okay. His sculpt and detail are very good. The new helmet is cool as well. He is articualated at head (side to side AND up and down!), shoulders, elbows, waist and hips.

I just don't believe this.
I just read on the front page of snowtroopers that we up here in the frozen north will not be getting the Clone Trooper Pilot till July/August.

Canada is sooooooooooooooooo far behind.

Glad we have a new store that supplies the new figures.

Just had to vent abit.

I have 3 Clone Trooper Pilot available for immediate trade.  Who here wants him?  LMK... thanks!


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