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2023 Black Series 6" Deluxe Dark Trooper

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I received the same email but now just got a new email saying September 27......

Mine says September 30th now…

My Amazon order went from 2023
To end of August
To end of September
To this  Wednesday.
Then I changed which card I was going to use and now it says "we will email you when we have a ship date" and doesn't even show up in my orders unless I specifically search it.

Got two of these guys today from Amazon. Very cool figure. Reminds me of the Bandai Pacific Rim figures, detailed and highly articulated but also slightly fragile feeling. Got four more on the way from GameStop and Dorkside, may end up keeping them all.  :)

Got mine from Amazon this week as well, very cool figure. Tempted to army build if it wasn’t cost prohibitive.


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