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2022 Convention Exclusive Black Series 6" Cassian Andor and B2EMO


Another from Yakface Twitter - Convention exclusive Black Series Cassian Andor and B2EMO

I'll go ahead and guess that the same figure will be in the basic figure line at some point, but minus the droid.

I know I buy everything anyway, but this looks pretty cool to me. I’m sure I won’t love the price though…

Had no problems picking this up yesterday, was surprised to see it still in stock late last night too. Glad I won’t have to wait on a preorder for this, god knows when that Favreau figure is ever going to ship…

i got a shipping notice for this today.  And why does this thing have to be so expensive.  $55 for a $25 mainline figure plus a droid and some semi-fancy packaging.


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