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I tried it as well, but didn’t really see the likeness either. I think the $60 price is just for the weekend, then it jumps to $80? It would be kind of fun if it looked reasonably close, but it will probably be a case by case thing.


Hasbro Pulse Premium Members save 20% on all Hasbro Star Wars Selfie Series on Hasbro Pulse with code “SWSELFIE20”! For fans 16+, U.S. only.  Offer valid May 3 -  7.

Selfie Series Dead?

Hasbro Pulse Customer Service FAQ says "we are no longer accepting new orders for Hasbro Selfie Series figures."

Every time I tried doing a Selfie Series scan I was left wondering "Who does this actually look like?"  Because I didn't get the sense that the shape of the head was anything like mine.  So I never ordered one of these.

Oh well!

So did anyone actually buy one of these?


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