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Pulse Con 2022 Black Series Reveals


2022 Pulse Con Exclusive BS6" Cassian Andor and B2EMO box set - pre-order today at 6pm ET

BS6" Cassian Andor (single pack of the same figure from the Cassian/B2EMO set) - pre-order today at 6pm ET

BS6" Bix - pre-order today at 6pm ET

BS6" Luthen - pre-order today at 6pm ET
BS6" Mon Mothma - pre-order today at 6pm ET

BS6" Axe Woves - pre-order today at 6pm ET

BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Scout Trooper - pre-order today at 6pm ET
BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Skiff Guard Lando - pre-order today at 6pm ET
BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Endor Han - pre-order today at 6pm ET
BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Endor Leia - pre-order today at 6pm ET
BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Wicket - pre-order today at 6pm ET

Pipeline Reveals:
- BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Jedi Luke
- BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Darth Vader
- BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ R2-D2 (all-new tooling)
- BS6" 40th Anniv. ROTJ Emperor's Royal Guard
- BS6" Pyke Trooper (TBOBF)
- BS6" Cad Bane (TBOBF)
- BS6" Tusken Chieftain (TBOBF)

Wicket was a nice surprise. But oh man…Pyke Troopers?!? Please and thank you!  ;D

Is there anything very new on the following:
- Lando Skiff
- Han and Leia Endor
- Scout Trooper

As far as actual (non pipeline) reveals, it seemed a little light again compared to the other brands. I do think they are somewhat held up by Lucasfilm, so it isn’t necessarily the team. As always, what they show looks good, it is never a question of quality…just kind of, I don’t know, boring? Super psyched for Wicket, long atop my personal wishlist. I’m also excited for the focus on ROTJ, even though it is heavy on repacks. Jedi was the first movie I remember seeing in theaters, and those are really the action figures I remember buying the most too, so I’m excited for the 40th line, both new and re-used.

Glad to see the Bad Batch coming to TVC. I know many have been waiting on these. And the Andor figures and Cantina pack look nice too. Again, everything looks good it is just so little and a lot of the same. Excited for future stuff like the Endor bunker and other related surprises. Was really hoping for a surprise HasLab reveal for TVC…like an Ewok village, Death Star, Ghost, whatever.

It might be the fandom being unhappy a lot, the result of higher prices, or the competition from other brand teams that do it better…but I’m just not as enthused for of a lot of it as I used to be. I’m definitely not out, and still a big fan, but I think I’ve gotten a little burned out with some of it. I collect other lines, like Marvel and Joe (and soon Indy), and they just seem more “fun”. Variety of characters, colorful in many cases, and more newness in many cases. I’ve been in the process if paring down and changing up what I display, and ended up packing a lot of Black Series away because it just seemed like a shelf full of black, white,  brown, and tan.

Again, not trying to sound womp womp, because I do like what was shown…it is good product…just not particularly exciting. I’m enjoying Andor as a show, but I’m not sure how much I want a huge collection of it. They have covered a lot of the primary OT stuff, so that sort of leaves Mando (and related) for my interest at this point.

Indy looks great though…😉


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