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Defender Wishlists 2022: The Prequel Trilogy

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Last day to get lists in!


01. Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine Slave)
=. Bariss Offee
=. Luminara Unduli
=. P-Series Droideka
=. Saesee Tiin
=. Zam Wessel
07. 21st Nova Corps Clone Commander Bacara
=. 21st Nova Corps Galactic Marine
=. 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk)
=. Adi Gallia
=. B2 Super Battle Droid
=. Boba Fett
=. C-3PO (The Phantom Menace)
=. Palpatine (Office Duel)
=. Poggle the Lesser
=. Queen Amidala (Theed Palace)
=. Sebulba
18. Even Piell
=. Shmi Skywalker
=. Tarfful

Didn't make the cut:
Agen Kolar
Boss Nass
Darth Sidious (Senate Duel)
Darth Vader (Post-Mustafar Duel)
Female Tusken Raider
General Tarpals
Geonosian Warrior
Nute Gunray
Oppo Rancisis
Queen Amidala (Battle of Theed)
Quinlan Vos
Shaak Ti
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Wat Tambor
Yarael Poof
Yoda (Senate Duel)

Thatís 19.  Was there a tie for 20?


--- Quote from: Nicklab on January  1, 2023, 08:23 PM ---Thatís 19.  Was there a tie for 20?

--- End quote ---

You're right.  Just tired after New Year celebration to verify the count.  I rectified it and Even Piell came out on top.  Pretty much everyone from Even Piell down received 1 vote and I used a wheel randomizer to fill out the 20 (if needed).  In this case, Even Piell, Shmi and Tarfful won the spins.  But when looking at the others that didn't make the cut but had the same number of votes, I don't think those would be the obvious choices.

Ah!  Nice to see Even Piell make the cut. 


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