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25th Anniversary Sets - Opened or Boxed?

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I was curious how many of you have your 25th Anniversary sets displayed.  Personally, I open everything I buy...figures, ships, beasts, etc....but for some reason I have left these boxed so far.  I guess I just like how they look in the packaging.  But, I have been thinking about opening them up for space reasons as well.  How do you have yours displayed....and if you do have them opened up, are they able to be opened in a way that you could put them back in the box if you wanted to?  Thanks!

Well, I'm a non-opener so I have them sitting on a shelve side by each for display.

The clear plastic tag sheets that seal the box on the edges of the top & bottom. There are also 2 tabs on the back. These 2 you have to undo first then undo the tabs around the edges, top to bottom carefully. The whole plastic sheet that seals the box will come off then remove the bottom cardboard. There are twist ties that hold the plastic base & the figures to the base. Untwist from the bottom & wala!

Your all set to display loose. You can put the cardboard bottom back on & replace the clear sheet & store the box & put the figures back in at a later date.

Not bad for like I said, I am an non-opener but I just did this so this is the first time I have opened one up & that was fun!  ;D
It went back together without a hitch & it looks like it was never opened.

Though I will not convert to being an opener in the future!  :P

Now I'm going to hear about this from the gang!  ;D

Jesse James:
I left these boxed myself.

They were really just display and observe pieces, and in their boxes they look kinda nice, but I found that they looked a little worse when opened up.  Or that's my opinion anyway.

They will make a nice centerpiece kind of thing I think, again I get around to organizing my collection and displaying it properly.  Kind of like the silver figures and such.

This from a guy that opens almost everything he gets. :)

Mine are all boxed, and I don't have any plans on opening them up.  They look great packaged, so why open them?

Both, as always!  8)  But if I had to choose one way or another, my personal preferance would probably be to leave these particular sets in their boxes, since they look pretty spiffy that way.  But if I was at all good at customizing and diorama building, I'd be popping these bad boys out real quick, and sticking them in their appropriate scenes.  I'd fashion a guess that's what Bobb will likely be doing with at least two of these sets, as he completes a few more levels in his brilliant custom Death Star...

--- Quote from: dustrho on October  6, 2003, 09:10 PM ---They look great packaged, so why open them?
--- End quote ---

I don't think we're going to answer that question now, since the answer would be fairly obvious...   ;)


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