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rebel strike vs knights of old republic

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Darth Berger:
 ??? i'm looking to get a new game system gc of xbox.  i'm going to base thye decision on which of the newer star wars games is the better pick.  any suggestions?

aka DaBigKahuna:
Welcome to the forum.

I got mine Rebelstrike from Toys'R'Us.

This offer is good in store as well.  They will exchange with unopened games with receipt within 45 days.  So when Mario Kart Double Dash and LOTR Return of the King arrive in early November I will get those too.

Considering this deal and that the Gamecube is only $99 I chose to go with this sytem.  I also have a PS2.  

I have not played KOTOR, but have only heard good things.  


Jesse James:
They're substantially different games, so they're tough to compare without knowing what kinda game you like, ya know?

Rebelstrike's less thought and more action...  KOTOR is a larger game overall, with a deeper storyline and more thought than action.  

one's an RPG, the other's an arcade-style flight shooter.  

KOTOR is set way before even the prequals, Rebel Strike is set during the Galactic Civil War (From the Battle of Yavin to Battle of Endor).  

Neither's perfect, but neither's being given a negative review either too...

So it boils down more to if you like an RPG game, which KOTOR is, or if you like a flight/shooter game, which Rebelstrike is.

I'm not the owner of KOTOR as I don't own an X-Box, but it's coming to PC which I'll buy it then anyway...  Rebelstrike I'm buying HOPEFULLY this week.  Maybe tomorrow night, as it's in the store, but my free time to go over is limited.   :-\

Jeff, why don't you just come over to my house to see KOTOR in person, so you can see that getting an Xbox is a better decision?   ???

Darth Berger:
yes chris, i do have to get over to see it.   i wasn't sure if carrie had given it to you yet  so i didn't ask as not to blow any potential surprise.


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