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--- Quote from: dustrho on October 22, 2003, 07:51 PM ---. . .so you can see that getting an Xbox is a better decision?   ???

--- End quote ---

I'm gonna call bullsh.t on that one.

I've got all three systems, and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to the others.  Sure, in terms of what it can do, graphics and sound-wise, the XBox is the best out of the three, but the GameCube isn't that far behind, and has got some great exclusive games and is really affordable to boot.

The best decision is buying the system that has the most games that you want to play.  Simple as that.

Jesse James:
I'd agree with Virex on the reasoning for buying a system...  Buy it not because of SW games only, but what you like in gaming in general.  Does it have more games than just SW that you'll play?

My reasoning for a Gamecube is that most X-Box games I can get on my PC and will play just as smoothly or even better on my machine.  Even Halo's now a PC port as well.

My Gamecube's got more games I want to play that I won't get anywhere else, so for me the choice was pretty simple, and the Gamecube's been a welcome addition to my entertainment stand I can safely say.

A lot of games are simply better on PC though...  For controls, for graphics (if you have a good PC), and for the fact there's just so much more to many games...  For me, Jedi Outcast for a console is a waste of money when you can play it on PC and get the large editing community's product that is out there to let you KEEP playing the game and playing something new with it.  


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