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Jabba's Sailbarge and Sarlacc Pit

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sith lord:
Hey Hasbro, how about making a Sarlacc Pit playset and Jabba's Sailbarge?  Please!  8)

Now THAT'S an awesome suggestion!  I'd be first in line to get me one of those.

Dressel Rebel:
I'd take a Sarlacc Pit as a, "ultra" figure or even packaged as a beast like the Acklay or Reek.

If I don't get one soon, I foresee a 5 lb. brick of sculpy being hatched open and lots of carving some saturday morning...

great idea, but be prepared to pay $200 for something that we'll all just complain isn't good after we shell out the bucks. but, hell yeah, i'd buy one too  ;D

I have been suggesting a Sarlaac Pit playset for some time. I think it woudl rock.  I don't think we could ever get a Sailbarge that would be perfect.


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