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hello, this is the topic for star tours ... O.K. ?  :)

so, anybody has a clue of what is SK-Z38 ?

if they are good, your toughts will be published at my site


I'm curious about these figures too.
Doesn't anybody know how they look like :-\

And I think your links are kinda screwed up :o


I have still no clue... not even on eBay or any other site... :'(

Just thought that I'd mention to everyone here that I pass right by Disneyland every few weeks (to see my family), and I can pick anybody up some of the Star Tours figures at cost ($10) plus shipping.  I can even look for the nicest MOMC one's if you're into that kinda thing.  Give me a hollar if you're still looking for any of these (the first 6), and hopefully I can help you out!

I'm really starting to wonder about that third wave though, with absolutely NO overseas or eBay sitings to date.  Hopefully they're still on the way.  If not, Hasbro better stick a beautifully resculpted R5-D4 on one of those new Saga cards, or else...!

On a side note, my wife and I went to Disneyland a couple weeks ago, and it was fun to go through the Star Tours line and see all the droids there that I now have as figures.  I hadn't even noticed a few of them before!


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