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Chris Berry's Christmas Present

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Angry Ewok:
Since I'm low on cash for Christmas, I decided to go cheap and draw something for Berry as opposed to buying him something. He should be getting this in the mail pretty soon (this weekend I suppose)... It's not the best I've done but it's certainly not the worst, either.

Awesome work, as always, Brad. :)

Sorry I couldn't help you with it earlier. Stupid AIM. :P

Great drawing Brad!  Couldn't find any nicer paper to do it on though?  Or did you do it at schoool...?

You can draw me a nice picture of Slave Leia and Arena Padme for Christmas.  Thanks!  LMK when you're all done and I'll send you my address...   :-*

Very nice work there Brad!

I'll take a ICMG Watercolor, thanks :-*

Nice job Brad :)


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