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Ok, I looked twice.  Can't believe there's not a thread here.  

Anyway, my fellow McFarlane Sportspick nut and I finished off one trade and are just waiting for my end to get to him on the second.  

Great communication, fair deals and excellent packing.  A pleasure.

Two separate trades warrant two feedbacks, yes?  If so, all the above comments apply.  

I'm fairly sure Matt or Dale will now come in and show me where the thread is.  

Thanks again Nick

Thanks for the feedback Brent.  I certainly appreciate it.  And there would not be another feedback thread on me, since you are the only person on this forum I've conducted a trade with.

Continuing our exclusive JD trade thread, another fine deal with Nick.  Several droids have made it north of the border in fine shape and I am most pleased.  Absolutely excellent packing in a very nice box.  Thanks Nick :)

You're very welcome Brent.  I was wondering if you recognized the box, LOL!


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