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Post count        Rank

 0...99           =          Jedi Padawan
100..499        =          Jedi Apprentice
500...999       =          Jedi Knight
1000...2499    =          Jedi Master
2500...4999    =          Jedi General
5000...7499    =          Jedi Council
7500...9999    =          Jedi Elder
10000...14999 =         Yoda
15000...24999 =         The Chosen One
25000+          =         The Spirit Of

Oh dear.  I hope GNT doesn't see this or he might be likely to run another 10,000 post campaign around here!   ;D

Maybe the top spot could be something even a little more exciting, like Yoda...?

I was thinking the same thing, so that makes two of us. Will change.

Ohhh, A Yoda.  8)
Now I have somthing to strive for since the ranking changed.   ;D
I just have to get back to Council Member.  :)
Sorry, now Senior Council Member.  

I can't believe it got changed. :o


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